Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Everybody's Watching "Nobody's Watching"

Alright, I'm back from almost two weeks of travels, weddings and more travels and now I'm back home totally sick. So what better reason to plunk on the couch to rest and watch more TV!? (Sadly, I'm still catching up from May Sweeps... by the way? What kinda ending was THAT to Prison Break? I totally want to know what happens yet I somehow don't care all at the same time).

Anyways, apparently since I've been gone, I've missed the whole Star vs The View soap opera bitchfest (damn... now we won't ever get that Rosie vs Star showdown I was so looking forward to this fall).

Also, "Nobody's Watching" was emailed to me 2 weeks ago and I never had the time to watch, but since, has become an internet phenom. What is it? a Failed pilot about... well... a comedy about a reality show about a couple of tv freaks who are given then opprotunity to create a sitcom. Confused? The self references and irony doesn't end there considering it was dropped from The WB Sched back in 2005 but now looks like a hit on the net and may get picked up by NBC or ABC. Let's hope it does since the show is from Scrubs creator and has a great role for Paul Adelstein (who lost the Burke role on Grey's Anatomy but then got his minor role on Prison Break) and pretty funny stuff. Not the legendary status it seems to have culminated within a month but still, a pretty interesting sitcom.


Yasser said...

funny how things turn out - failed and refused by networks at first but with this high popularity the spark has already been lit.

vance said...

Always hilarious. To think Desperate Housewives was originally turned down by every network INCLUDING Lifetime before ABC picked it up... and yet crap shows live on "(cough.. Coach)".. love that line from Nobody's Watching. If Family Guy can be revived now, and Nobody's Watching get a pickup, maybe some brilliant pilots can have actually still have a life! Long live internet power! Deal with that overpaid Network Execs! (that I soon aspire to be!)

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