Monday, July 17, 2006

Guilty Errors - Canadian Idol - Top 10

hmm... I feel like eating Whole Grain Honey Nut Cheerios now...

Wow. What a sad Top 10. After 3 seasons of churning out some singers that have suprisingly come out with some of the better Idol albums, this years crop is the worst I have ever seen.

They should just award Eva Avila the winner now, if only because she was the only one to sing her song completely on key, and the fact that her name is great (now only if she could lose her OC Summer during season 1 personality), plus bonus points for having the gall to sing a Nelly Furtado song when Nelly Furtado was the guest celebrity.

Everybody else was BLOODY AWFUL... but no one could top Craig in awfulness. Holy William Hung, and this isn't even for laughs.

1 comment:

Lillys_PAd said...

We had all three phones going tonight voting for Eva. She is sweet, funny, and yes she can sing like and angle. She did a great job with her song, I will definately be buying her album when it comes out. The only not great thing tonight is we got through each time on each phone. So her line wasn't that busy, tried Rob's line and it was deadlock traffic. So I hope she doesn't end up going home because right now she is the only reason to watch.

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