Friday, July 21, 2006

My New Obsession - So You Think You Can Dance

Okay. I found the clip of Heidi and Travis' Contemporary from this week.

Meanwhile, I'm a little shocked that Dimitry got booted last night but at the same time, am not, since now it is all up to the audience vote, and if American and Canadian Idol has taught us anything (or at least taught Tamyra Grey, Chris Daughtry and Jacob Hoggard), it is that the crazed fans of the weakest person remaining has a LOT of time on their hands to call and vote to overcome more deserving people who have less crazed fans.

As for poor Martha, it was a bad night to have an off night, since all 4 of the girls are simply AMAZING and ALL deserve to win at this point.

Oh yeah. and over on Big Brother 7: All Stars? The sixers rule continues! Go James! Now don't screw your compadres over since if anyone will, you will... get Will and Boogie FIRST.

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