Monday, July 24, 2006

Project Runway

I don't know how I have never really posted about Project Runway but this is one of the best reality shows EVER (and not in the Big Brother trashy way but in a great The Amazing Race kind of way).

I guess cause I don't actually get it here on time so I rely on downloads or people taping it for me, but now that NBC is running the first few eps of the 3rd season (Mondays), I'm getting my design thrills back.

Anyways, I think this year, I'm either loving Laura (who of course is from Architecture background and has FIVE kids yet looks STELLAR, or Robert, who just looks stellar after years of designing Barbie. Yes. Matel's Barbie. I know, too easy to make fun of yet so far has been the funniest guy (without being bitchy) and has made some nice stuff so far.

I think I enjoy it most for rehashing memories of all the stress while designing in a studio full of creative but bitchy people, and then having it all hacked away my some nasty nasty (yet enjoyable) critics (oh, how tart you are Nina Garcia)!

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