Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer Reality - So You Think You Can Dance, Rock Star: Supernova, Big Brother: All Stars, The One

Let me get the rest out of the way first before I get to the good stuff...

Bottom 3 Josh... after playing dirty to get the song that you wanted, I am glad you were bottom 3 from Rock Star... so much for choosing your own fate. Didn't you listen to Earl (or for that matter, Carson Daly)?

Kaysar, we love you, but you DOLT... Why didn't you get Chill town out of the Big Brother house? ARGH... that's how they survived the FIRST time around... and now Nakomis or Diane will go, while the ever annoying Boogie stays. Janelle was right. You made a HUGE mistake. On the other hand, bravo for Diane's crying performance and pity plea... bravo... because if you seriously didn't expect All Stars to be cutthroat, maybe you DO deserve to be voted out.

George Strombo, you look seriously bored on The One. I'm seriously bored watching.

Finally. Like I've said for the past few weeks, HOW MUCH DO I LOVE SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE? I admit defeat since I totally dismissed this show when it started up again.

Now we are in top 10, new partners, 2 dance each as a pair, and one solo. Im tired just saying it all.

Sadly, some people had an off night. Poor Martha and Ivan were not up to their normal levels. Maybe chemistry caused it but even their solos were kinda plain. Poor Ryan is good but not good enough and the one I think is most forgettable (usually, well... cause I forget about him).

Meanwhile, I am LOVING LOVING LOVING Travis as always. New partner Heidi as always. Donyelle as always. Natalie as always, and her new partner, Benji who has totally grown on me throughout the weeks and possibly the main rival to Travis right now (at least within the guys). Dimitry continues to flaunt his chiseled body (hey, if it works right?) that I sort of get surprised everytime he performs because you forget that he is actually quite an amazing dancer. Still, the Chipendales thing needs to be toned down just a notch. I mean... look at Dimitry totally flaunting it. DISGUSTING.

Who will go tomorrow? I'll really be sad about any of the girls at this point, and will only remember that Ryan is still in the game when he gets cut tomorrow.


jennifer said...

i think the girl who did the solo dance with that flower hat on is going to go.

vance said...

I think Martha will go too based on last nights performance but its too bad since she was AMAZING last week with her solo and has been really consistent throughout the competition.

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