Tuesday, October 10, 2006

30 Rock - Pilot

Maybe they should just rename it The Alec Baldwin Show and get on with it. Alec Baldwin plays an exec within GE who gets promoted to running programming at NBC, including The Girlie Show, produced by Tina Fey's character, stars Jane Krakowski and is a sketch show much like Saturday Night Live. Alec Baldwin forces Tina to meet with Tracy Jordan (played by Tracy Morgan), a Martin Lawrence type actor with bad tastes, bad movies and worse behaviour. Rachel Dratch will play a roster of changing characters.

While not as much of a mess as I heard, the moments with Tracy Morgan really are unfunny, as are the sketches in the show within the show. Jane Krakowski is fine, as I actually do find that she's a pretty good comedic actor that doesn't get the recognition she deserves (plus, I was never a huge Rachel Dratch fan, she who originally had Jane's role). Still, the best moments are anytime Alec Baldwin is on the screen which are comic gold. The rest, is watchable and not offensive but disappointing considering Tina Fey created the show.

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