Monday, October 30, 2006

Desperate Housewives - Sweetheart, I Have to Confess

Boozan... Hahaha...

In one of the funnier episodes that felt like it had the first years rhythm back, we find Susan catching Edie and Mike Delfino is a compromising position. Susan thus returns to Ian after a drinking binge with the girls to confess her mistake and reveal how she really feels about him, after she throws up of course.

Tom Scavo leases a place for his pizza parlour, much to the dismay of Lynette. Nora tries to seduce Tom at the decrepid pizza place, which leaves Tom running back to Lynette. Personally, I prefer seeing these two together and watching Tom loving Lynette. They are funnier when they are TOO together (like in the first season when he wanted to make love to her all the time, despite her exhaustion).

Gaby is still at war with Carlos in the continuing war of the roses, but which ends with Carlos being pushed out of the 2nd floor window. I've seen the clip in the commercial but it was no less shocking and I actually gasped out loud and covered my mouth (or it just shows how much of a life I need to get).

Carolyn arrives at the door to befriend Bree, with the motive to convince her once and for all that Orson is psycho, and this time, with some evidence of pictures of the formerly battered wife, Bree starts to believe her. Carolyns husband Henry confesses to Orson that he had an affair with Monique, the same dead Monique that Orson had "missed".

I'm actually getting intrigued into this mystery again, better than Applewhites, still not as good as the initial mystery, but it's allowing a roster of great guest stars (or new stars) with Kyle MacLachlan, Laurie Metcalf, Ernie Hudson, Anthony Azizi, Dougray Scott and Brian Kerwin. It's nice to see Susan move on to let Edie have some vampy moments with Mike, and Bree's continuing battle with Andrew and Danielle are always heartwrenching and hilarious at the same time.

Now, who get's killed next week in the supermarket?

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