Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Friday Night Lights - Pilot

Here's the link the my initial review of the pilot I saw back in the summer. Re-watching Friday Night Lights last night, I must say it didn't lose any appeal and was just as good as I remembered, and still amazed at the quality of the filming and how they didn't glossify life in a small town (though the girls do seem a bit tarted up, but hey, I guess it's on NBC so they need to get an audience somehow).


Red said...

Can I just say that I love your blog? It's such a fabulous window into what we here in the UK will have in a few months (years?) time if we're lucky or never (which, sadly, is often more likely).

What's the deal with Justice and why do you think it will be cancelled? I love me some Eamonn Walker, so I was hoping, since he's English and everything, that the show might make it to this country, but maybe not, if it's not doing so well over there...

vance said...

Oh wow! thanks! i thought it was just the two friends that I forced to read my blog that actually visit the site. But I hear ya! I lived in London once and was like. uh. wait a minute. Wasn't all this from a few years ago? Though I hear it is getting a little better.

On Justice, they are pulling it for baseball but they just got an order for a few more eps (2 or 4? or something like that) which is a good sign and the warnings of their demise was a little premature. I'm a little over procedurals but I'm kinda hooked on Justice somehow (basically cause great cast) but now that Lost is returning tonight in the same timeslot, it might have a tougher time. (Though thank goodness in Canada, CTV carries both).

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