Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gilmore Girls & Veronica Mars - Logan's Run

Gilmore Girls - The Great Stink, Veronica Mars - Charlie Don't Surf

If there ever was characters designed to meet, it was Logan Huntzberger and Logan Echolls and we got that match on Veronica Mars. Sadly, the initial thought that they were long lost brothers (with Matt Czuchry as Charlie Stone on VM) had yet again been a trap, and it will never ever be again, but it was fun while it lasted!

Of course, not only did we get Logan and Logan, we got a Just Shoot Me! reunion when Laura San Giacomo visits as a client at Keith Investigations, and the sparks fly with Enrico Colantoni's Keith Mars (and if I remember right, Laura and Enrico played couple on their last show).

There's more about Veronica clearing the frat house from the rapes, more of the feminists (and Parker) being mad at Veronica for clearning the frat house from the rapes, and Dick Casablanca finally visits Casa del Mars, but mainly the whole episode was blinded by the collisions of star crossed characters (and I don't mean that in a bad way).

Last week on Witchita Linebacker, Veronica clears up the name of a footballer who loses his playbook, gets Weevil a job at Mars Investigations, and then subsequently at Hearst College when he screws up at MI.

Over in Stars Hollow, the big pickle debacle stinks up the whole town (in an overexplained tidbit that tried to shadow Amy Sherman-Palladino's tidbit rants but just came off as trying too hard) while Logan returns from London for a business trip with 3 colleagues (with the WORST English accents this side of Madonna) and Rory get's jealous.

Christopher, continuing to charm us from last week's S'Wonderful, S'Marvelous date episode, informs Lorelai of sending Gigi to Paris to be with her mom, and Lorelai realizes the differences between her relationship with Luke with her relationship with Christopher (who I have always liked so I kinda like where this is going).

I think this seasons' Gilmore Girls is back on track PLOTWISE because I love where it is all going again (Emily Gilmore ARRESTED? Brilliant! Even Luke's babysitting April was nice). However, I find that Dan Rosenthal is working too hard trying to copy the dialogue rhythms of before and not hitting the mark. Instead the dialogue feels forced and rambling and I often find myself drifting off now as they try to rift witty pop culture references that comes off as a boring encyclopedic entries. TarJAY? The Pickle Call? Snakes on a Plane? Seems a little elementary in the pop culture cannon.

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