Thursday, October 19, 2006

Grey's Anatomy - Oh, The Drama

Oh, The Guilt

Finally, the week we love Meredith again.

Izzie deals with teh 8.7 million dollar cheque, Burke is angry at Izzie for wasting her surgeon hands, Christina helps Burke cover his shakiness during surgery, Callie doesn't tell George about McSteamy, Addison doesn't tell McDreamy about McSteamy before the divorce settlement where she takes the Hamptons and the Brownstone over Central Park so that he could keep the trailer in Seattle, but Addison finally fesses up and Sheppard walks away never wanting to see her again. Mer tells McDreamy that she broke up with McVet, to little reaction.

Meanwhile Bailey deals with the aftermath of Izzie's mistake on Denny which brings on a teary worthy scene with a mother with breast cancer. Alex again steps up his game and takes some blame for not stopping Izzie during the Denny ordeal. Callie sticks it in Georges mind that she broke up with him. Addison is seen in bed with McSteamy (again, who apparently is a busy boy).

Ayre Gross (Ellen) and Faith Prince (Broadway star, Spin City) are an ex-couple that get stuck in a compromising position.

Oh, and Izzie decides not to cash the cheque until she knows what to do with it, and is inspired by Christina to want to do surgery again.

So, I last saw Isaiah Washington on The Megan Mullaly Show last week and thought he seemed like the nicest guy and an intelligent actor, but if rumours are to be believed about what he said about T.R. Knight, and his strangling of Dempsey which was actually confirmed, well, the drama on the set seems just as nosily fascinating as the scripts, but quite sad to know. Now apparently Washington's job is in jeopardy, probably made worse since he was originally supposed to play McDreamy originally. Meanwhile, T.R. comes out which means FINALLY my gaydar got it right for once.


Liz said...

Yeah, wow, could Isiah be any LESS like the character he plays? So disappointing if all that is true...

vance said...

I know. I SOOO hope it's not true but seems like more and more news is leaking out that confirms it all, and I'm sure if it was, Shonda Rhimes won't tolerate such a hostile set. Poor TR being outed that way (even though the news somehow makes me happy).

Liz said...

Yeah, that's really, really rough for him. Seems like he's handling it ok in the press, though. As for Isiah, well, with the plot he currently has, he sure wouldn't be that hard to cut out!

vance said...

I know. I love TR even more cause he's been so graceful throughout this ordeal.
It's too bad cause I liked Isaiah (so I thought).

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