Monday, October 09, 2006

How I Met Your Mother - Haaaaaaave you met Ted? Ted Mosby, Architect?

Ted Mosby, Architect

Robin finds Ted's daily rants/stories about work boring as she continues to tell/bitch about her reporter tales, causing Ted to doubt his status as an architect. The boys convince Ted that being an architect is sexy to girls and this leads Ted to try the line out one last time. Robin finds out that Ted has used the Architect line and isn't jealous, but Lily pushes her to pursue as they discover further and further that Ted may have cheated on Robin, and Robin finally goes crazy jealous about it, only to find Barney in Ted's spot claiming he is Ted Mosby, Architect.

This is the point where I was hoping Robin would realise that she isn't cut out for long term relationships and we would discover what broke Robin and Ted apart, but instead, Robin meets Ted at his workplace (a nice set that reminded me a bit of the set leftover from Neil Patrick Harris' former bomb Stark Raving Mad) and falls even deeper into him as she discovers finally what's interesting about Ted Mosby, Architect (um. like it's HARD to find something interesting about an Architect? hello!?).


Liz said...

I am loving this show more and more...I can't believe I wasn't watching last season! When it turned out that everything that had happened was Barney, and not Ted? Awesome.

Amanda said...

Personally, I find architects totally sexy. But you probably already knew that.

vance said...

Um YEAH. Architects. Totally Sex on legs. Love how this show is actually so fun and comforting to watch yet it's not diluted comedy.

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