Friday, October 27, 2006

Is there a PVR/ TIVO/ VCR/ DVR for Film in Cinemas?

A week being sick, a wedding and work and now 3 weekends later, I realised how far behind I am in movies all of a sudden, and I'm already behind in my beloved television shows (recaps and commentaries should be getting back on track over the next 2 weeks). When did all the Oscar stuff start spilling out into theatres? And November is just around the corner with Stranger than Fiction, For Your Consideration, Borat, Fast Food Nation, Casino Royale (yes, I think the trailers look HOT).

So what movie should I watch? I know, Running With Scissors got trashed but I still kinda want to see it. I think I might go for Shut Up and Sing for some Dixie Chicks loving. Especially since I couldn't get tickets to the 2 sold out shows in Toronto (that happens to be this weekend too). Apparently in the movie, they realise that Toronto is the hottest market for Dixie Chicks loving. Which is funny cause this isn't really a country town. We don't even really have a country music radio station (it is out of Hamilton).

So which movie should I see? So much to choose from! (Of course, still nothing really beats TV these past few years... even The Queen which was an excellent movie still pales in comparison to the depth we can get from a longer running piece of entertainment (see Everwood, Lost, Veronica Mars, The Office, heck, even CSI). Still, movies should be seen in LARGE MOVIE THEATRES... now I just have to choose...

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Melanie said...

Wow I haven't seen ANY of the movies that are currently in theatres, but my vote would go to Running with Scissors. I'm also a little curious about Marie Antoinette. And I see that you don't have the Trailer Park Boys movie in your slideshow - tsk tsk.

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