Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lost - The Glass Ballerina

Little Sun breaks a glass balerina, Sun's father is angry. Older Sun gets caught in bed with Jae, Sun's father is angry and wants Jin to fix the honour or their family.

Back on the island, Sayid, Sun and Jin are still on the boat waiting for Jack to notice their big black smoke signal but nothing. They decide to sail to the other side in case Jack couldn't see the smoke due to the mountain, and they find a dock (the same one where Jack and co. were captured while Michael and Walt were freed). Sayid knows that Jack and co. have been captured and hatch a plan. Meanwhile Kate and Sawyer are led away from the zoo cages to do some heavy labour while Kate is secretly contacted by that girl Others who might just have a bit of a heart for our Losties.

Jin tells Sun and Sayid that he understands what they are doing, and that he understands english more than they think, and that he wants the gun, and off Sayid and Jin go to rescue Jack and co. Sun returns to the boat only to have the others take it over.

Juliet (new cast member Elizabeth Mitchell, who looks awfully a lot like Meredith Grey) is part of the camp that puts Kate and Sawyer to heavy labour, where Sawyer ignores rules and goes to Kate to kiss her, before being attacked and tazered.

Back in South Korea, Jin attacks Jae before letting him go, but as he leaves in his car, Jae falls onto the car from many stories above, holding a pearl necklace Jae had tried to give Sun earlier.

On the boat, the others trap Sun on the boat before Sun shoots another girl Other while gay Other drives away. Sun escapes into the water and Jin swims to save her.

Okay, so the Others knows Sun's full name. Sawyers real name is James. After last week's files, how much do they know?

OMG. Now Ben (formerly known as Not-Henry Gale) is watching it all on moniters. Ben enters Jack's prisonhold, and introduces himself to Jack as Benjamin Linus (is that what I heard? did I hear that correctly? I heard Langs first), and that he's lived on the island all his life, and that if he cooperates, he will be sent home.

Does he have contact to the outside world? Yes Ben does, telling him its day 69, and that Bush just got re-ellected, and the Boston Red Sox just won the World Series showing Jack on a TV and telling him that he can bring him back to his world, if he cooperates. HOLY FRAKING GOD....

And people say nothing ever happens on this show?

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