Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Nine - Heroes Welcome

Okay, do people in real life that come out of something horrific like a 52-hour hostage go right back to work? Maybe people do. I would think people get to take a few days off, but most of the nine people here seem to jump right back into work, or at least try, while they conspire to hide what happened during the hostage taking, or in Bailey Salinger/Dr. Jake Hartman killing off patient/hostage taker in a nice shocking move but a little out in the open? Uh. hello. Obvious.

Meanwhile what kind of connectiong did Felicia and other-hostage taker Lucas Dalton forge during the hostage and what mistake did Felicia seem to do that might have caused Eva's death?

There is a bit too much intercutting and the flashbacks are thrown about a bit too much (I thought their original concept was to only show 10 minute of pure flashback at the start each episode?) and there seems to be little empathy for the hostages in their regular lives minus a few tv interviews (what was with Kate and Allie's son at the insurance company? No one is THAT big an asshole are they?).

Still, I'm completely intrigued and will let the plotholes sort itself out in future episodes since at least most of it seems like they can still salvage and save themselves (I know I know. some of it is on purpose but still, the evil police chief is a bit too stock character for me. I mean. Did they really have to hire a skinny white man with that ugly moustache?)

In the meantime, I'm sure there's some clever way of compairing The Nine to one of the other great contenders for best new show this year, Heroes, considering tonight's episode title but I'm too tired and will let some other more clever blogger link the two.

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