Monday, October 16, 2006

The Office and How I Met Your Mother

The Office - Grief Counselling, How I Met Your Mother - World's Greatest Couple
The two best comedies currently on TV.

Michael's former predecessor and boss dies which prompts Michael to force everyone to mourn. Meanwhile, Jim seems to be flirting much too much with Karen at the other office and cheating (in my mind) on Pam... okay fine... it's not really cheating technically but it is to me okay?

On HIMYM, Lily's apartment is a horrible dump, thus prompting her to beg Barney to let her stay there, where they become a pseudo married couple to perfectly scare away Barney's one-night stands. Only they end up a bit too couply scaring Barney. Marshall meanwhile meets up with his friend Adam who is also recently broken up, and does couply things like Brunch and Broadway the "bro" way, only they end up a bit too couply scaring Marshall.

While The Office is still definitely the best comedy on television (if not best television period), the past 2 eps, while funny, were more ordinary than any of the previous excellent standard it set itself up to (though, I give extra points for that kiss Kelly gives Ryan at the close of the episode and another 2 points for the Charlie Brown "Good Grief" comment from Michael). Meanwhile, How I Met Your Mother is quickly gaining ground, moving along finely in it's second season maneuvering surprisingly well considering Ted and Robin are together as a cute couple (usually the demise of any romantic show). Filling out the lives of Barney, Lily and Marshall is making this one of the most enjoyable shows to watch.

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