Thursday, October 05, 2006

Opening Tonight - A Chorus Line

I'm going to assume that little has changed in the new production of A Chorus Line since 5 weeks ago since I saw it when it was in San Francisco, and if so, I must say that you MUST see this show. Though sadly the New York Times has revealed some injustices to the original dancers (including Gilmore Girls' Emily Gilmore's Kelly Bishop) that were mined for their stories for $1 by Michael Bennett (do we see neon sign allusions to the character of the megalomaniac director Zack?).

Still, I hope it get's resolved, because the show itself is absolutely fantastic and explains to me why it deserved all its original accolades and long-run on Broadway. Here's the link to my original review. It has instantly become one of my favorite musicals of all time, which I guess is the point of this new production of A Chorus Line, to introduce the newbies to this old classic that weren't alive when it was first premiered, and for others to relive the joys and pains of dancers auditioning for a chorus line.

Playing at the Schoenfeld Plymouth Theatre on Broadway in New York.

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