Thursday, October 12, 2006

Project Catwalk - Project Runway with a British Accent

So since we are WAY behind in Project Runway here in Canada, and I haven't caught up in other ways (ahem...) (although, is it me or does this Project Runway finale seems like it's taking forever? Didn't they have the New York Fashion Week Shows more than a month ago? Haven't we been down to 4 people for a month now?) I've been filing my fill with Project Catwalk, the British copy of our beloved Project Runway (finally Europe is copying one of OUR reality shows and not vice versa).

Elisabeth Hurley plays Heidi Klum's role and is the perfect British counterpart but you know Heidi OWNS this show and cares deeply, whereas Hurley just knows this is a good act to follow. Still, always had a thing for Hurley so more screen time for her is always good.

The challenges are just as hard, if not slightly aiming more for haute couture, and the designers, mostly a younger bunch, seem to have more traditional fashion training, but that could just be European style embedded into their brains during birth.

However, the big difference is their lack of our beloved Tim Gunn. In their replacement, they went with fashion designer Ben de Lisi (who? I've never heard of him before but apparently he's legit). If Tim is caring and nurturing, Ben di Lisi is nasty and narcissistic who tries to control every designers look, and is just plain mean when it doesn't look like something he would do. I'm amazed the designers weren't charged with 1st degree murder before the show ended so I give them further props for surviving that nasty little screechy thing.

Actually, I never thought I would think I would say that Nina Garcia and Michael Kors seemed caring but even in their nasty wicked ways, they still at least seem to care with some constructive criticism, but the British counterparts, Julien Macdonald and Lorraine Candy just seem to be there to stomp on the newbies. Only the rotating judges and Hurley seem to actually care about the contestants.

Nonetheless it gives us even more love to the surviving desgners who can bare all this abuse, particularly the adorable Matthew and Kirsty, who with her heavy Liverpool accent, is sometimes just completely incomprehensible.

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