Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So Everwood's looking better now CW's Dawn Ostroff?

What an idiot. I mean we said it then and we can say it now, but does Dawn Ostroff have any clue what her job is supposed to be? You are supposed to KEEP viewers. Not piss them off and chase them away with a revival of 7th Heaven and new shows like Runaway, which you just cancelled after only FOUR episodes.

Meanwhile Everwood's 4 million viewers are probably looking pretty good to you now huh? Too bad you just lost us all after cancelling Everwood so that you can instead have a GREAT BIG HIT in Runaway with it's 1.7 Million viewers.

I think The CW and the CBC in Canada need to get together. Both seem to be chasing away viewers quite well. They should teach a class on it or something...

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