Friday, October 06, 2006

Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy - Judging By the Book

Ugly Betty - The Box and the Bunny, Grey's Anatomy - Sometimes A Fantasy

Okay, I'm still sick and I'm so tired that I really don't have brain power to write anything comprehensible (since I barely have enough power on a good day), but my little shinning light last night as I sneezed away was watching the light frothy candy mix of Ugly Betty and its overly designed sets, with Betty losing Mode's "book" of the next issue (hasn't anybody heard of digital backup copy?) and her and Daniel teaming up to get it back, while all the while defending the scheming ways of Wilhelmina and Marc. Eric Mabius is really surprising me with his boy-in-the-headlights-trying-to-do-good act, and Vanessa Williams is just deliciously funny. Also, bonus points for now employing TWO former Ricky Gervais TV show alumns (Ashley Jensen from Extras and Lucy Davis from The Office (UK))

Meanwhile, on Grey's, Izzie attempts to re-enter the hospital, but stands outside all day, George isn't ready to move ahead that fast with Callie and wants her not to move in, Mer dates both McVet and McDreamy, and yes, Addison really did sleep with McDreamy. And yet again, for the third time in three episodes, Alex Karev waxes poetic philosophy stolen by his peers and moves up yet another notch in likeability somehow. Why don't we just make him the narrator?

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