Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Veronica Mars - Welcome Wagon

Welcome, to Veronica Mars now in it's third season! (Really, did we ever think this smart and sassy show would last this long? Cause you know when it's this good, it's doomed from the start).
Veronica is now attending Hearst College, along with Logan, Wallace, Mac, and Dick(?). Wallace's new roomate Piz (Chris Lowell from life as we know it) loses his stuff right off the bat, and dear old Veronica Mars, in her new Saturn, still living in Neptune, is off on the search. Meanwhile dear ol' dad picks up Matt's Melrose Place lover to deliver him to Kendall as some kinda nice gesture, only to be had by this new dude who kills (?) Kendall?

Meanwhile, the rapist on campus continues his shaving streak, whil Dick is left completely in shambles. Mac seems to slowly have recovered from the finale.

Man what a hilarious show! I would describe more but all you people just have to watch what you're missing. How I missed Veronica Mars, now, people; I'm talking to YOU, watch so it doens't get Arrested Develpmented (and cancelled midway through the third season).

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