Thursday, October 12, 2006

Weeds - Must Find Toes

Still two weeks behind the states, so we just had where Celia just beat Doug in the elections and Uncle Andy just got his toes bitten off as well as f#$ked over, literally and figuratively from pulling out of Rabitcal school. Silas is still all broody about the abortion, and Nancy is all over him over his poor SAT scores. Meanwhile Finding Nemo son cheats but wins the debate over Gretchen (Eden Sher from Sons & Daughters) , but making her dislike him, which weren't his intentions.

I was so happy to see Celia beat Doug, and even more intrigued by her Drug-Free neighbourhood of Agrestic in the future episodes. I think I laughed even more when Doug spazzed out at his loss due to the filing mistake.

My only thing about this show is that I really think it could fill an hour well since it always seems to end way too soon.

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