Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What About Brian - What about Second Chances

What about Brian? What About Second Chances?

Well you sure aren't making it easier What About Brian. I'm giving you one more chance (really because an Everwood writer has joined the show), but do you really think ditching Raoul Bova is a good move? I know he didn't say much but does her really have to? Did you think we were not already tired of the love triangle between Marjorie, Adam (whose hair kept me distracted in some weird admiring gaze all episode) and Brian (whose hair didn't)? What was with that lame crash at the beginning? Are we using car crashes at any point now to create a nice capture of interest? Even Dave and Deena's marital problems are getting mighty tiresome fast.

At least they've added Amanda Foreman to the cast! Yey! She was hilarious in Felicity and a nice match to Marshall on Alias so I'm excited to see her again (on yet another JJ Abrams show).

** Stars (for now)

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