Wednesday, February 14, 2007


So, I realised I made it one year with this damn blog on Friday (and totally missed it). It started as my co-workers idea and I was reluctant. Of course, look now, she bailed long time ago and here I am still. How did that happen?

Meanwhile, we finished another show (a long and boring one that was the reason we started this thing in the first place. Man, seriously, the script was so bad I still can't believe the actors in it (famous Oscar nominee, famous Oscar nominee, foreign pin-up girl) signed up for it in the first place) and I jumped onto an existing TV cult fave (I wonder who has figured it out other than Duckyxdale Dan?) and survived a season (my first TV show). Now, I relax and head to vacation while the (overpaid) damn actors go on strike in Canada, and I contemplate whether to go back to the TV show for another season (most probably, it was fun, non-stressful and steady work) or try to jump back into movieworld (slightly more exciting, though sadly, worse scripts), all the while, as I watch way too much TV! Hey, it's research (or so I like to delude myself into thinking).

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