Sunday, February 25, 2007

The End of February Sweeps TV Round Up

How I Met Your Mother - Stuff

Barney putting on his own play as revenge on Lily was already hilarious enough. Until Marshall's slap bet revenge 2/5 closed off the show. Simply put. Brilliant! Ted and Robin decide to move in together after a marathon fight.

Heroes - Chapter 16: Unexpected

Unexpected is right. Peter finally grows some. Love that Christopher Eccleston is on the series still. Love it. Though it still doesn't make up for the rest of the episode which I've already forgotten actually. Is it just me?

Veronica Mars - Mars, Bars

So they haven't had much for Sheriff Lamb to do this year so they actually kill him off, in a somewhat lame fashion too. They haven't had much for Wallace or Mac either this year, I hope they aren't planning on killing them too? So long Michael Muhney, you turned a one note character into a funny 2.5 season long one note character that we enjoyed having in the background. Now who can we hate? Cause I actually like Vinnie Van Lowe and Cliff.

Gilmore Girls - I'm A Kayak, Hear Me Roar

So finally Lorelai grows some... oh wait, that doesn't really work. Christopher is gone and Lorelai must tell Emily, who in a part drunken state, tells Lorelai how greatly independent her life has become and in some Emily sidewinding way, how proud she is. At least until she recovers and makes no recollection of it in her next sober state. Rory meanwhile goes mano a mano with Senior Mitchum Huntzberger at a birthday dinner for Logan, and Mitchum accepts and assumes Rory is part of the deal with Logan now (giving her the pick of jobs at any of his newspapers).

American Idol - Boys Night

Blake Lewis is the new Travis Wall (So You Think You Can Dance 2)! Duckyxdale, you are so right! Um, was it me, you know, not to be racist (even though, "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist"), but were the only good people all the white dudes for once? Except Sundance who sucked, always sucked, always will suck, and Brandon Rogers who just needs better song choices for that beautiful voice. Something screwed up with my recording of Girls Night so missed it but heard they were all much better than the boys already.

Friday Night Lights - I Think We Should Have Sex

Tyra's mom going postal on Buddy Garrity for firing her because he can't keep his pants in check. Bar men going postal on Tim Riggins as Tim tries to defend his father, but loses out when he realises Walt did in fact steal a $3000 camera from the football team that Coach Taylor had suspected. Tami goes postal on Julie when she catches Matt Saracen buying condoms. Jason tries out for the Paralympics Rugby team.

Again, if you haven't watched this show, despite the description above, it is REALLY funny. Still, the teary moment of the night was when Tim returned the camera to Coach Taylor.

Lost - Stranger in A Strange Land

All because of/for Jack's Tattoo? I'm confused.

Grey's Anatomy - Some kind of Miracle

Some kind of lameness. I thought they might actually be brave enough to kill off the main character (yet somehow incorporate her in the show still, though not Ghost Whisperer I hope, though maybe Life on Mars style) because it would have made the BEST TWIST EVER but alas, they say you can't kill the main character off and they didn't. Ugh. Which made the last 3 episodes one big long convoluted filler to kill off Meredith's mom. BORING.

I however loved them bring back Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Denny Duquette, Friday Night Light's Kyle Chandler as Dylan Young (the bomb squad guy who exploded) and Monica Keena (the pole through the chest girl). Loved the morbidity of it all. Now if only they went through with it instead of the hokey last minute we-gave-up-but-now-we-still-must-save-her story. Grey writers, I thought you were better than this.

My Name is Earl - Guess Who's Coming Out of Joy

While My Name is Earl is becoming more cute than edgy, it still is quite funny, but other than Jamie Pressly who steals every scene she is in, I have to give it to Jason Lee for making me totally forget that he's under all that Earl.

The Office - Business School, Cocktails

TV Masterminds directs The Office. Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly) directed Business School and we find out that Jim makes a good Dracula! J.J. Abrams (Felicity, Alias, Lost) directs Cocktails and we find out Jan is crazy for loving Michael, or is it vice versa? Poor Toby...

Scrubs - My Therapeutic Month

I like that they are following the progress of Private Brian Dancer. Kelso in dreadlocks = drawdropping funny.

30 Rock - Hardball

Entertainment Weekly gave it an A! And people seem to be latching on finally! And now NBC will pull it off in March for 5 weeks. What timing. Kenneth joins Tracy's entourage and Jack teaches Liz how to negotiate Josh's contract. Jenna goes on Hardball. The political show you dummy.

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