Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Feel the Love, It's Valentine's Day... okay, I'm going to throw up now...

Brothers & Sisters - Valentine's Day Massacre

Jack McCalister plans to run for president. But to the REALLY important news. Kitty and Jack sleep together. Justin sleeps with his ex. Kevin sleeps with ex Scotty, and Nora gets half baked and arrested, prompting Sarah to send out the Batcall to everyone announcing the gossip. Is it me or is this show getting funnier by the week? Though what's with both Kevin and Scotty's haircuts? Meanwhile, Justin is adorable as babysitter and dragging along his niece and nephew around searching for his ex. Loved the opening phone calls between all the brothers and sisters (much like the pilot opening).

How I Met Your Mother - Lucky Penny

Where was this show going? In the longest roundabout way, Ted misses his flight to Chicago for an interview, later explaining how he thus stayed in New York to meet the "mother", but it was all caused by him being arrested while trying to save Barney who was stuck on the subway, who needed to be saved after running the marathon for Marshall, who missed the Marathon because of a broken toe after Robin caught him rubbing his nipples, who walked into the airport midday because Lily dragged Robin to a wedding dress sale, who went because Robin saw the wedding dress sale because Ted had dragged her to that part of town, and all because Ted found an old penny. I'm not sure it made sense on the show either but seeing Marshall rub his nipples or Barney going limp (not what you expect) was worth it all!

Heroes - Chapter 15: Run!

HRG catches Claire's lie and Claire runs off again to see her real mother, and catches a glimpse of her real father, Nathan Petrelli.

Ando wants to help Missi Pyle but Hiro finds out she's actually a bad girl.

Matt Parkman is now a rent-a-fake-cop and drives Kevin Chamberlain to an exchange but is followed by Jessica who needs to kill him. Matt hears Jessica speak with alter ego Niki and thinks there are two of them. He also steals the diamonds that the police can't find when his client is killed.

Mohinder finally gets a call back from one of the Heroes he is seeking but Sylar beats him to the punch and pretends to be him when Mohinder finally visits. Sylar offers to help Mohinder track down the others. CREEPY...

Nothing truly shocking or surprising but an all-round enjoyable episode.

Veronica Mars - Postgame Mortem

Logan gets stuck with Dick's Dates' little sister but the duo team prove hilarious as she tries to solve the case of the Logan blues. Big points for calling in the radio station and making a dedication on behalf of Logan to Veronica and using a Nick Lachey song!

Meanwhile, the case of the missing Wallace is solved as he is playing basketball, until the coach is found dead and the coach's son is the suspect (according to Sherrif Lamb at least). Veronica is out to prove otherwise but gets arrested for helping the son escape prison.

Keith is off the paying case as he suspects Mindy with Dean O'Dell's death.

Gilmore Girls - Farewell, My Pet

Well, there's no love here between Lorelai and Chris. Lorelai confesses that Chris is the man she knows she's supposed to love... but doesn't. I kinda liked this revelation that we all knew existed and was coming. Makes sense, possibly the first thing to happen since April's appearance.

Meanwhile, Rory crushes on Richard's lecturer replacement and TA Tucker Culbertson (Cameron Bender).

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