Thursday, February 01, 2007

Friday Night Lights - Critical Darling

Upping The Ante

Matt Saracen you dolt. Be good to your Julie, because for one, her father is your coach, and you should still be scared (which makes us laugh). I don't care if you were kidnapped by some group of floosy girls and stripped naked for some charity calendar. Don't lie to Julie and make her cry, cause it makes me sad, and I liked seeing your blossoming relationship because it was realistically cute and bumbly.

Tyra, I like you girl. First you take on your mom's abusive boyfriend, now you take Julie under your wing as she gets left behind by Matt. You teach her some basics to dating a footie (like always talking about the basketball team because that infuriates the football players), but more so, you can be the bad girl of the show and still have some 3-dimensional character behind you and we love that about you. Now we just have to find you a proper man that treats you right, because to be honest, I think that will totally throw you off your game since you wouldn't expect it and be hilarious to watch (for us at least).

Lyla, thank GOD you figured out you were too young to marry, and actually said some things that made SENSE. I knew that pretty face was hiding some kind of brain back there, and kudos of you for knowing that you want to explore more in life, even though Jason really is a sweet thing. Just don't marry him just because you feel sorry for him, though don't dump him either just cause he's now in a wheelchair. We know he's strong, just a little delusional about love.

Smash, I actually do feel for you, sort of. Which is amazing since you are the exact type of person I usually hate. Cocky and thinks he owns the world, bending rules to his own whim. You were caught, and your life might have unravelled. Luckily for you, Coach Taylor and wife Tami are the most awesomest people around and you were saved. I think you still need more punishment, but for your mothers sake, I will let you slightly off the hook. Bonus points for recognizing yourself in that cocky kid playing football outside your house.

Ah, Tim Riggins, I get the hair now, or it could be that I just read the Men's Health article that you were on the cover of, and realised you seem nice and grounded and happy and have a sense of humour (well, you ARE Canadian, though the humour part I'm just sort of assuming). Then again, it is a fitness magazine so they probably make all that shit up anyways. I'm liking your brother more and more. He's another idiot, at first, but he seems to be really pulling his weight in helping raise you, and I admire that. Your father (Brett Cullen, moving over from Ugly Betty) on the otherhand, well, let's just say I would be screwed up like you too. He did show up at the end to see you in the game though, so there's hope yet.

Meanwhile, can we officially give Coach Eric Taylor and Tami the "Best Parents of the Year" award? Their subtle nudgings and care for each other, without any fakeness screams to what 7th Heaven claims it is (but is not).

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