Tuesday, February 06, 2007

How I Met Your Mother - Or The Only Time I Cared About The SuperBowl

The gang must attend the funeral for Mark (yeah, they didn't know who exactly it was either), so they miss the SuperBowl. They try to avoid hearing the outcome of the game, so they can watch it the following evening together, but of course that becomes difficult for the gang.

Ted decides to work from home but must venture outside to pick up the food. Barney locks himself in Ted's apartment to avoid speaking to the bookie but escapes and encounters Emmett Smith. Marshall goes to school with Lily but is blackmailed by a 5 year old, and Robin, who reads the news for a living, almost loses her job as she avoids hearing the outcome.

What a brilliant way to do a SuperBowl episode while never having to actually fill in the names of the teams or the outcome! And CBS decided to put Criminal Minds and not How I Met Your Mother in the post SuperBowl timeslot because??? You know, because the first thing that comes to mind after a night of football and wings is forensic FBI's and pyscho killers...

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Avster said...

Loved this episode. My favourite line was when older Ted addressed some of the show's critics on the Robin-Ted story by saying (and I'm paraphrasing) that sometimes knowing the ending doesn't stop you from enjoying the ride. Great show - Criminal Minds, bah!

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