Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lost - Final Destination

Flashes Before Your Eyes

Desmond's premonitions saves Claire as she is about to drown. Charlie and Hugo try to liquor Desmond up to get the answer. Desmond remembers back to the hatch and using the key.
Desmond wakes up back in London, back with Penny (the girl that got the call from the arctic/plane in the finale last season), except that he knows whats going to happen, and he knows about what happens on the island. Is this a flashback? A memory? Currently happening? Let's do the time warp people!

Desmond seeks out Penny's dad (Alan Dale, playing yet another rich white guy (Meade on Ugly Betty, Caleb Nichols on The OC) for permission to marry her, but he says he isn't good enough for her. He seeks a ring anyways but the saleslady (the always tender/freaky Fionnula Flanagan, who to be noted, was in The Others) knows his whole story, knows about the island, and knows that he saves the world by turning the key, and knows that he won't marry Penny because his job in life was to end up on the island to turn the key to save the world. Except she also mentions that people that are going to die, will die because that's the plan (maybe the movie Final Destination was right?!)


Only to be topped back on the island that reveals that Desmond saved Claire from the lightning, from the drowning because he actually saw visions of Charlie dying from trying to save Claire. And he realises that no matter what he does, Charlie is going to die.


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Tim said...

i'm a big TV Addict reader and read your posts on the live blog.

Alan Dale is from New Zealand, so his British accent is for real. He fakes the American one.

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