Thursday, February 01, 2007

The OC - Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn

The Case of the Franks

Or the (far funnier than one would expect) Valentine's Day episode where Ryan wants to skip the date to ease the pressure on him and Taylor. Taylor finds an address and follows it to Frank Atwood. She sets up a dinner date for them all and bump into Julie and Bullit and realise Frank's love for Julie Cooper. Taylor being Taylor decides to meddle and try to get them together. All the while, Kirsten looks through old photos of her and Jimmy Cooper, flashing back to old days when all were young in the OC.

We get the hilarious tale of Lil'Seth's first love for Lil'Summer, only they find out it was all a sham since Lil'Summer stole the poem that Seth still has to this day, from Lil'Taylor Townsend.

Back in non-flashback mode, Kaitlin catches wind of Taylor (and Ryan's) plot to get Julie away from Bullit and back together with Frank, so as Kaitlin declares "It's War Bitch". Taylor's description of future Julie with future really-old Bullit and her wife duties was one for the record. The battle has begun as Kaitlin trains Bullit to up his game, while Taylor steals Julie disguised as the chauffeur driver.

After Summer is told her future is with a certain George, and worrying if Seth was meant to be for her after all, she lands a job with an environmental blog called G.E.O.R.G.E. who heard about Summer. Alas, she decides to take the job taking her away from Seth for another year, but leave the relationship still full of hope but without being tied down.

Kaitlin steals Julie back from the impromptu date with Frank, but on their way to Bullit's jet plane, we see Julie's real feelings shine through and she goes back to Frank while a saddened Kaitlin tells Bullit the bad news. Which is too bad because the Kaitlin, Julie, Bullit pseudo family was kind of cute despite the fact that Julie was doing it partially for money. Couldn't she see Bullit treating Kaitlin so well and fall for him? ARGH...

At least we still have Ryan and Taylor to fawn over. At least for another 3 more weeks...

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