Saturday, February 10, 2007

TV SO GOOD! Why Am I Going Away on Vacation Again?

Not on vacation yet (That's March) but been away and going away a lot for work and wedding's so still needing to heed my own advice and tape everything from the week. Here's the rundown of this week's catch-up! Love it all!

Friday Night Lights - Blinders

The Assistant Coach blurts out a racist comment and things slowly brew to a boil in Dillon. Tami tries to fix things unsuccesfully while Julie and Tyra continue to be partners in crime, and are served a detention by being forced onto the girls football game led by team leaders Saracen and Riggins.
At this point, the show is practically perfection. It hasn't had a bad episode yet and each one gets deeper and deeper, more profound, and deeply moving yet extremely funny.

Lost - Not in Portand

So Juliet is sort of trapped on the island too? That explains a lot. And yet nothing either, but what a fantastic episode. To all those that got lost on Lost, it's too bad for you dude.

My Name is Earl - Blow

What a sweet way to explain Jamie Prestley's real life pregnancy by having her impregnated with her half-sisters baby. Plus DJ Squalls as her brother-in-law!

The Office - Phyllis' Wedding

I think I need to start doing what Creed does after all the weddings I've had to go to.

Ugly Betty - Brothers

Okay, I love the Alexis thing now. Leave it to Ugly Betty to explain a transexual characteer into the mix and seem perfectly wholesome, normal and hilarious. Plus more Justin and Marc. The LGBT groups are going to be lauding this show like crazy aren't they? Deservedly so too. Emmy should be listening up (and also listening to Friday Night Lights)

The OC - The Shake Up

Taylor tries to get Ryan to save "I Love You" to her. Leave it to Taylor to make that whole scheme hilarious. Love that this show is getting back to its roots as a comedy disguised as a soap. Too bad there's only 2 more eps left.

Grey's Anatomy - Walk on Water

Finally an ep that breezed right by (in a good way) leaving us wanting more. Finally Meredith is whiny and pathetic but understandably so. This is how she's supposed to have been the entire series.

Men In Trees - Nice Girls Finish First

Orlando Jones shows up as George, Buzz's long-lost gay son and things go well until Buzz learns of the gay fact. Patrick and Annie set up George with Mario Cantone's gay hairdresser. Jane and Plow Guy Sam make sweet, but then things don't go so well. Love that this show takes the sweet regular route at first and then puts a realistic twist on the whole preceding.

Scrubs - My Road To Nowhere
Road Trip! GASP... JD doesn't know she's lying about the miscarriage!!!

30 Rock - Up all Night

Who is new lawyer dude for Liz Lemon? I likey...

Bones - The Girl in the Gator

First Stephen Fry and then they also have Eddie McClintock? and was that Ted of Bill and Ted's (Alex Winter)? AND French Stewart? Plus I've always liked Eric Jungmann from the underated remake of Night Stalker. Give the casting agent a raise!

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