Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Veronica Mars - Anger Management

There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill

So Dick and Tim's girl Bonnie, also the TV Preachers daughter, got pregnant but someone drugged her which aborted the baby. Veronica tracks the drugs down to one women's clinic, which has a spy on the outside sending anonymous pro-life literature and blackmail photos to the girls using the facility. Veronica finally thinks shes figured it out, blaming it on Tim based on the bookmark included in the anonymous packages, but alas, it was the lifelong friend and roomate who was originally out to protect Bonnie.

Veronica has major anger issues knowing about Madison and Logan, which Veronica reveals to Dick who also seems concerned. Except the preacher's forgiveness speech softens Veronica.

Okay. So I'm getting tired of tortured Logan (though this week I could totally buy it only cause I'm feeling in a similar mood, though with even less rosy prospects) again and think that what the show really needs for a while (other than a return of Mac and Wallace, seriously? The next big case should be their disappearance on the show. I think Mac has been on less now that Tina Majorino is a main caster than previous seasons) is Logan and Veronica to be securely together with Logan helping out on the cases. Or is that too Scooby gang again? More Weasel is always good too.

Oh yeah, and Richard Greico was back stealing from Mindy O'Dell since her payments stopped since the Dean's death.

Was that our favorite Scrubs morgue intern as Edward, the guy running the Pro-life literature printing press?

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