Thursday, April 05, 2007

30 Rock - Just Jacks


Liz follows Floyd into a church (on a weekday! weird!) but it ends up being an AA meeting, and lets him think she's an alcoholic as she feeds her crush. He freaks out when he finds out but Liz confesses her eccentricities and Floyd kisses her! Yay!

Will Arnet shows up as a rival to Jack and is enamored by Kenneth. Jack sends in Kenneth to seduce his rival. Meanwhile, Jack's idea to launch fireworks in midtown Manhattan starts airing on NBC but realizes that it may be a terribly idea.

Tracy Jordan finds out that he did not impregnate an accuser but finds out that he IS a descendant of Thomas Jefferson, hence, basically, a large percentage white, the news of which will destroy his street cred. That flashback to his comedy routine was absurdly retarded and thus, HILARIOUS. And THEN they had to add the clip on Maury Povich with Alec Baldwin's Jack coming in as Jefferson? Of course, none of this comes even CLOSE to any scene with Jack McBrayers' Kenneth. OMG, I want HIM to seduce me too! So funny!

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