Friday, April 27, 2007

30 Rock - Misery Loves Company, So What Will Alec Do?

Hiatus - Season Finale

Jack's mom arrives to meet Phoebe (Emily Mortimer) but takes an instant dislike to the waify Brit and an instant liking to Liz instead. Of course, Jack's mom is played by the esteemed Elaine Stritch. I still to this day remember her turn as Rudy's teacher on The Cosby Show and never forgot her snap and rancour which was of course hilarous coming from an older lady who are usually depicted as sweet and loving.

Jack has a medical attack and lands in the hospital and Liz is listed as his emergency contact because he trusts her to pull the plug. Which she wants to do, in a loving way. I guess if Alec Baldwin really wants out (to deal with his anger issues and parenting skills), this could be it for real...

Liz might have broken up with Floyd (in Cleveland) while their cell phones were breaking up during the conversation.

Tracy is missing much to Jenna's delight (if Alec goes, can they really get rid of Jane Krakowski? as some are predicting?), but that stresses Liz out as they go into their final episode of the season. Jack and Liz realise Kenneth knows where he is hiding and attempt to grill him.

Tracy meanwhile is hiding out at Kenneth's hillbilly's cousin, Jesse's place, played with usual spastic delight from Sean Hayes (Will and Grace). Jesse grows a fan obsession for Tracy and then locks him up Misery style before Kenneth must come and save the day and the show goes on. Well, until they go on hiatus.

It's too bad 30 Rock is going on hiatus now for real, since it just felt like it started hitting its stride in the last bunch of episodes, and now that Alec wants out, what will next year be like? Ugh...


Liz said...

But I think NBC isn't letting Alec go, right? ...RIGHT?!?! God, I love that show.

vance said...

That's what I hear, but that sounds a little weird too. I'll let the dust settle before I really panic.

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