Monday, April 09, 2007

Brothers & Sisters - Party Party Party

Three Parties

Nora goes all hoochie mama for her professor at his party thanks to some bad advice from her loopy friend Emily Craft (the loopy bi-polar Margot Kidder).
Rebecca does the very un-Amy Abbott thing (well, that's not true, more Amy Abbott Season 2 actually but we forgot/forgave that) and joins Justin's old pals in the bathroom for something Ephram would never forgive.
Kitty and Sarah end up at a party hosted by high school boys, one who is the son of Kitty's boyfriend Jack's ex-girlfriend. Meow! Or shall I quote Sarah... "Grrrrowll".

Oh yeah, and Chad decides to come out and I would care if it was anyone other than Jason "Smith" playing him... okay, time to move on and set Kevin up with Jack's gay brother... let's MOOOOVE ON already.

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