Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Degrassi: TNG - Why Don't You Just Poke Her?

Sunglasses At Night

...so I can, so I can... doo doo doo...

Hold on, I got a hot hand here...

So Marco misses Dylan and goes all poker crazy and becomes an addict within 22 minutes, wins, then loses, loses big, gets caught playing in Squatch Designs T-Shirt Store (which with the reno, looks fabulous doesn't it? Or at least from what you can see since they barely deviate from the super close-ups on this show), where the cops arrest him for trespassing (along with Jay. Does Jay get to do anything that isn't considered bad?) when Spinner doesn't back him up. Ouch. You know, if he just started poking people on facebook instead of gambling, this could have been all avoided.

Meanwhile, Darcy and Peter are caught kissing by Kim, even though Darcy said she was helping out her grandma. Bad girl Darcy. Bad. You know, if Peter just started poking Darcy on facebook instead of getting Darcy caught outside kissing her secret boyfriend, this could have been all avoided.

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