Thursday, April 12, 2007

Friday Night Lights - I Want More Taylors Please


That had better not have been the last new episode we get of Friday Night Lights, because as great of a season wrap up that was last night, I WANT MORE.

The Dillon Panthers go to Dallas for the finals but find out about Eric Taylor's new job in Austin, and all energy deflates.

Watery Eyes Moment #1: When Matt Saracen gets up and looks like he's about to applaud Coach Taylor's decision but instead, walks out the door.

They start the game losing, until Eric's rousing Clear Minds, Full Hearts speech (seriously, would have been cheesy if anybody but Kyle Chandler had said it and it wasn't overly done like some anthem or ending to a movie speech).

The big carpool with Tyra and Landry but ended with including Tyra's mom and sister, Saracen's grandmother and Lyla was hilarious, and it was good to see Tyra and Lyla fight it out finally and resolve some of those issues, though not fully, which is great.

Tami gets help from Corrina at a clinic and finds out that she's pregnant. Tami fears telling Eric, but Eric has a defused joy before he declares his love for Tami.

That was defintely Watery Eyes Moment #2.

The Panthers win of course but there are still mixed feelings after winning, knowing Eric and the Taylors are leaving. Due to the baby, Eric reconsiders things and lets Tami know that they will stay in Dillon, until Tami rebuts him and the killing of his dream. In another beautiful scene between the two (seriously, this is what the Emmy's were originally MADE for) they argue against which dream is the real one they are pursuing which is part hilarious and part tragic drama.

The series wraps up as much as they can, considering we still have no definitive answer of a new season yet (and 6 script orders does not count yet. I want COMMITMENT honey. NBC. I'm talking to YOU) but for a show about the daily going ons in the town of Dillon, they sure left us in a tiny bit of a cliffhanger. Not that I wasn't satisfied from the episode, but THAT'S IT?

Coach Eric Taylor walks into team room and... ???


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Avi said...

Just finished watching it (and posting on it) and I have to admit that I teared up many times throughout the show. I agree with you. This may be my favourite network show this season.

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