Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Friday Night Lights - Season Finale Tonight

I'm sure at this point I don't have to remind fans of Friday Night Lights to watch the Finale tonight (let's hope it's Season and not Series cause NBC you don't want to piss me off! I mean, I'm not even ready for the season to end let alone the series) at 8pm.

To everyone else, well, at this point, you might as well just wait for the repeats, DVD's, Bravo marathons so that you can be caught up on the BEST SERIES ON TELEVISION currently airing, and I'll happily say already, one of the BEST SERIES OF ALL TIME. Yes. I said it. And I'm not taking it back.

And the Taylors? They join the Browns and Abbotts, the Bristows, the Cosby's, and the Keatons as one of the BEST TV FAMILIES EVAH!

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