Tuesday, April 10, 2007

James Morrison - The Mod Club Toronto - Concert Review

So I checked out James Morrison at The Mod Club last Thursday in his Canadian debut, and I have to say, like Marc Broussard before him, I didn't expect such soulfulness and a strong voice to emanate from another male singer songwriter and figured it was just going to be another youngish, kinda cute (in that, well he's white and young and doesn't look like a heroin addict kinda way) guy singer that the record companies are trying to push on us after John Mayer's success.

But live in concert? James Morrison exceeds the expectations that his debut album Undiscovered would suggest (which is kinda poppy soul/folk). I only wish he sang my favorite song "The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore". I can't believe he did almost all the other songs plus a cover but not that one. Hmph...

This almost might have been a consideration for my Best of Music 2007 list already until that slight... now I just felt unsatisfied, despite the great surprising performance from the 2007 Brit Awards British Male Solo Artist award winner, and part of the whole UK onslaught that includes Lily Allen (who was also in town the same night but my friend forgot to get me tickets) and Amy Winehouse.

Here's some photos, though none of my closeups turned out. Oh well.

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