Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Men Change? I Know I Don't

The New Adventures of Old Christine - Faith Off
Gilmore Girls - Hay Bale Maze

Ah, Men. Do we really change?

Christine doesn't believe so, and Lorelai worries about Logan not changing, while Luke comes around and has changed and Lorelai and Luke apologize to each other (and us the viewers for the post-April episodes, even though Lorelai sort of had to get Chris out of her system once and for all because it would only make sense in the big picture sense).

Christine has no faith in Richard when he gets work renovating Lindsay's house but learns withing 22 minutes that Richard has changed since their early marriage days, as has become a brand new renovated kitchen, as told my her brother Matthew. Also, I feel the need to go to Home Depot. I wonder why? Plus Christine gets caught by Lindsay's nanny cam doing very Christine things because, well, she never changes. And we love her for that! Can I also say how awesome Clark Gregg is as Richard? He turns the ex-husband character into such a lovable guy yet without being a complete idiot. Richard sort of milks the idiot expectations knowingly but seems smarter than you would think the ex would be. I love that!

Logan, after acting acting like a total bastard and a rich ingrate, switches back to the fine seducing Logan we all learned to love, and finally (finally? he's never been before?) to Stars Hollow just as the town prepares their Spring Fling.

Meanwhile, April visits as well and brings the show down but the character lets out a bumbly charming side to Luke so that brings the show back up. Oh yeah, and Rory gets jobs... is this the beginning of the end? I think I've relegated that it should end before the show totally goes into the crapper. As for now, I will finally admit, it is not the stellar show it used to be but it's still no The War At Home at least, but maybe it's time to end it while we still remember the good seasons (1-5). Of course, now that I'm used to that fact (though NOT the fact that Veronica Mars is apparently cancelled for sure, again), they are now talking of a shortened 8th season (a la Friends, Will & Grace, Everybody Loves Raymond).

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