Monday, April 30, 2007

Money Money Money

So it's tax time in Canada and if you owe the government money, it's due in the mail TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT FOLKS! Oh the joy! Well, the good news is that I apparently did quite well last year and did it correctly, meaning I owe the government money right now, meaning I didn't give them an interest free loan throughout the year. The bad news is, I owe the government money.

All of which brings me this. Have I ever told you how much I love watching The Suze Orman Show on CNBC? Seriously, it makes me feel so much better listening to other people talk about their financial questions/problems and making me realise I'm in SO MUCH BETTER SHAPE than what seems like half of America. I mean, I'm not rolling in the dough or anything (yet), but how fun is it to listen to others people's idiotic financial desicions and then have Suze yell at them? So fun!

Anyways, I don't seek out to watch it but if I flip by on my way to the Food Network or MTV (I know, I'm still a sucker for the Real World and Real World vs Road Rules Challenges) , I'll usually stop at The Suze Orman Show and then end up watching the rest of the episode because seriously, Suze rocks, and at this point, DON'T PEOPLE KNOW NEVER TO CARRY CREDIT CARD DEBT? ARE YOU STUPID? Does Suze need to repeat this any more than she already does? It's like pure schadenfreude.

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