Thursday, April 12, 2007

Music To Annoy By The End Of The Year

Bye Bye Hot Pants Haley Scarnato, apparently the hornballs weren't in force the other night, perhaps busy doing other things with their hands instead of dialing the phone. (And since Chris R. was in the bottom 3 again, neither was the gay hornballs or the horny teenage girls, or they threw all their votes to Blake).

Okay, that group "Bailamos" performance was really funny in a sad way. I mean, it's not like it's a good song to begin with and as representation of Latin Night, kinda sad, but really? That was worst than a solo Sanjaya performance.

J. Lo looked like she belonged in the futuristic bomb that is We Will Rock You (I quote from a colleague: "it was Suck-Ass-Tastic") with that silver shading of the eyes.

So I was wrong though, as I thought LaKisha might end up in the bottom 3, and I totally thought Phil was going this week but I guess it'll be next week after the Country. Hmm... that girl must be totally starving by now right? She must look a lot like Hilary Duff by now, or worse, the Olsen twins but put together. No one can look that bad as looking like a single Olsen.

Do they only show clips and not the singing in the goodbyeseeyalater montage at the end, all while droned out by Daughtry telling you to go "Home"? I can't remember now but we never actually got to hear any of Haley's earlier vocals... things that make you go, hmm...

To be honest, she wasn't THAT bad. At least not worse than Katherine McPhee who was really only a pretty face last year that somehow made it to the finals (then again, as I've said before, Taylor won, so that was a whole joke in itself).

That being said. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Katherine McPhee's song on the radio "Over It". I didn't like it at first and then all of a sudden last night when I heard it on the radio again (not realising it was her), I loved it, and now I'm all over it.

I just heard Elliott Yamin's CD and damn, it's pretty good actually (I mean, in that middle of the road R&B for people in the burbs kinda way but hey, it works to sell) and I forgot how much I loved his voice.

While we are at it, Daughtry's album Daughtry (how original!) has that perfect mix of solid mainstream cheese rock perfect to croon to while driving a truck across some wheat field in a square state. I say that as a good thing. Much like how I found that I liked a lot of Nickelback's songs in their last album, Daughtry isn't actually great but I find myself humming a lot of them. There IS a little white trash in me! How cool!

Akon performed (again) on last night's American Idol, and I was just about write about him on my iPod Playlist, but god, now I don't think I can like him anymore! While last year I could not STAND his chipmunk song, I do like "Don't Matter" which joins my current list of songs that I currently like cause they are a bit different but will probably annoy the hell out of me by the end of the year.

This list includes Gym Class Hereos' "Cupid's Chokehold" which is a blatant remake of Supertramp's "Breakfast in America" and while I'm not totally against remakes or "sampling" (as they say), they apparently chose it becase they thought people wouldn't recognize it and know it. Wow. Lazy. Yet as much as I don't want to like them, I still like the new version of the song. Damnit.

I haven't talked about Fall Out Boy in a while but LOVE LOVE LOVE their new song "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" and I just need to get the album now which I've heard and is as excellent as all the reviews have been. I have a feeling though that I won't get annoyed at this song even though it sounds like it could totally be.

Finally, Maroon 5. Ah. Adam Levine. I LOVED their last album when it first came out, then it got big and I got annoyed by its overplay (um. I do that. see James Blunt, Seinfeld, John Mayer, 24 etc. etc. etc). But I have to admit, I like the new song "Makes Me Wonder".

Okay, enough with all the big artists that don't really need my plugs. Back to work...

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