Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The New Adventures of Old Christine - Thank God You're Here Dave Foley

The Real Thing

Was there a show Dave Foley wasn't on last night? I like the addition of the Kid (in the Hall) on Christine but what the hell was he doing on Thank God You're Here? Was he a judge? Why the hell was he even needed on that? It was basically the same commentator thing he does on Celebrity Poker. Considering we know Dave Foley was on the brilliant Newsradio, I think he needs a better agent.

As for Thank God You're Here, Bryan Cranston was actually pretty funny but "Newman" Wayne Knight was NOT. I missed Talk Soup's Joel Hale which I would have liked to see but generally, that was such a filler show. Man, NBC are really making us pay while waiting for Heroes to return (April 23). And you wonder why The Black Donnelly's tanked? (Okay, the fact that it sucked didn't help).

Of course now that Andy Barker PI is cancelled, maybe Andy Richter can return onto Christine as Sad Dad and compete with Dave Foley for Christine's affections?

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