Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Okay, Twist My Arm, I'll Watch - First Look at Grey's Anatomy 2 - The Spinoff Possibly called Private Practice

Spoilers Ahead

Since I'm feeling Grey's Anatomy is sort of imploding on itself right now and hit its peak last season (I am NOT buying Izzie and George and I'm tired of McDreamy/No McDreamy/McDreamy/No McDreamy), they are preparing the spinoff, just in time! And with a cast that it has! Man oh man. Though at this point, with such high expectations, by the time it actually airs, we will already get the backlash.

Here's a first look at the Grey's Anatomy spinoff tentatively known as Private Practice. Apparently it will spin off from the May 3rd episode "The Other Side of This Life" starring Kate Walsh taking her Addison character to sunny LA. Joining her are:

Chris Lowell (Piz from Veronica Mars who apparently has been working out!)
Paul Adelstein (Prison Break, the guy who was SUPPOSED to be Dr. Burke and hopefully will get a chance to break out into stardom finally that he so deserves)
Amy Brenneman (Judging Amy)
Taye Diggs (The original broadway cast of Rent, Kevin Hill, Daybreak)
Tim Daly (Wings, The Nine)
Merrin Dungey (Francie/Evil Francie on Alias, The King of Queens)

and from the looks of it, Stephanie Niznik from Everwood but I have a feeling it's a guest appearance but let's hope it's more since anybody on Everwood deserves to be full time on any show.

Thanks to Televisionista for the spoilers.

Oh, Here are some more that were posted yesterday.


LinzMcC said...

OK, I'll be honest. Ever since they announced this spinoff, I have been sitting at my computer wondering what the HECK Shonda Rhimes is thinking. In my head, the new show will be awful or the Grey's will take a turn for the (even) worse. So I have heard about all the casting and couldn't for the life of me imagine this working out. But I must say... These pictures have officially piqued my interest. And it looks like it will have a different feel. And now I think I might be able to accept it and move on.

vance said...

I had that OH NO too until they announced the cast. I mean, it's full of showkillers but showkillers that I generally like (Taye, Tim, Chris Lowell, Paul). Plus, it FEELS like Shonda is putting all her effort into the new show cause Grey's has really deflated FAST, don't you think?

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