Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Others Lost in The Office

Lost - One of Us
The Office - Safety Training

Damn, Juliet. DAMN. I mean, we all knew it was kinda coming and yet we hoped maybe she did good and was good and not an Other. Damn. I love that they continue to slip in previous scenes and show more or show other sides to the story and do it so seemlessly. I wonder if they plan ahead and shoot it altogether, though logistics of a typical shoot probably says not and they do it the hard way.

Jack, Kate, Sayid return to the beach with Juliet. No one except Jack trusts Juliet. We flashback to Juliet and a more detailed journey of her arrival on the island with that secretive company. She gets to the island and stays 3 years instead of 6 months. She thinks her sister died of cancer even though Ben promised she would be cured. In the end, Juliet sees a live feed of her sister with her child. We re-see the book club and the crash from The Others point of view. We later hear Ben and Juliet conspiring to plan the gas attack and get herself invited to the beach...


On The Office, Andy returns as Drew and no one really likes/trusts him. There's a trampoline and bouncy castle for some reason after Michael tries to pretend to be depressed to show the staff the dangers in an office space but whatever, it was HILARIOUS whatever the reason to get to that point. Michael pretends to jump from the roof, and though the mountainous LA in the background really throws off the flat Ohio as the setting, Dwight tries to round up the troups for this safety announcement.

Meanwhile, the others in the office start betting on all sort of things, though my favorite was still the number of times Kelly would say certain words. Too FUNNY.

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