Tuesday, April 17, 2007

People I Like That ALMOST Make Me Want to Watch

So The King of Queens is ending it's run soon (it's still on you say? That's what I said too), but I've always liked Leah Remini enough that I'm glad she's had a good continuous paycheque finally and she almost makes me want to watch the show regularly. Almost.

Here are 4 other actors that I enjoy enough to almost make me want to watch their shows, but still don't.

Angus T. Jones on Two And A Half Men
Seriously, he's 3 times as funny as everyone else on the show.

Anna Belknap on CSI: NY
Is she even on anymore now that she had her baby in real life? Too bad because she was really the only light in the dark and too-broody-for-its-own-good show.

Jonathan Togo on CSI: Miami
Cause really, after seeing David Caruso's Sunglasses On, Sunglasses Off schtick, we need an eyes-cleanser palate. Plus, he visited our little set last year so here's another shout out!

Kyle Sullivan on The War At Home
Can we pluck him from that show to another one PLEASE???

I would have added Jonathan Tucker on The Black Donnelly's but that's not even on the air anymore so doesn't count. There are a few others like Diane Farr on Numbers, Jay Mohr (JAY MOHR???) on The Ghost Whisperer or Aaron Ashmore on Smallville but they all joined in later seasons and were never part of the original cast so I discount that too. Constance Marie on The George Lopez Show came close too (and she's proven she can do WAY better on Spin City) but I draw the line somewhere.

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Avster said...

I've always liked Leah Rimini too since she played Carla's daughter on Cheers. Not enough to make me watch King of Queens but....

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