Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ugly Betty - Sex in the City


Not the best Ugly Betty but there are still enough zingers on this show everytime that I still laughed out loud several times.

Daniel is blackmailed by a Russian mother/daughter pair after he has sex with Petra, the daughter and finds out that she's 16. Of COURSE they would NEVER really go there and Betty figures out that she's actually 20 and Betty and Daniel return back their trust to each other.

Alexis is seduced by a sexy Brazilian from Mode Brazil, where she has sex for the first time as a woman. Yes they actually DID really go there and we figure out that Wilhelmina planted the seed for Bradford to pay off the sexy Brazilian to lure Alexis away from Mode in New York.

Hilda is caught sneaking out to have sex with Santos, but after Ignacio has a good talk with Santos, he proposes to Hilda. Then there's a great scene with Hilda asking Justin his thoughts, with him tossing it back to her as her decision and is okay with whatever she chooses. Brilliant. I love the scenes with Hilda and Justin. Then again, I love any scene with Justin and ANY character.

Wilhelmina continues to bed Bradford to work her way to the Editor-in-Chief position, even though Bradford confesses that as he said to Faye, he will never leave his wife for her.

Amanda becomes numero uno fag hag to a new designer, until he comes out of the closet as a straight, giving Amanda everything she ever wanted, free clothes and a hot man with a hot ass. Not sure I like Amanda having a relationship since part of the fun is watching her sexy, single and snarky but whatever that gives Becky Newton more scenes works for me!

Finally, Betty and Henry continue to circle each other and sparks continues to fly, but this time, Charlie catches them.

Next week, Ignacio must be deported back to Mexico and it's Secretaries Day! More Marc and Amanda!

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