Friday, October 30, 2009

Rock Hard Cheyenne

OMG. The 30 Rock pictures with Cheyenne Jackson are out. I almost jizzed in my pants with this first one of him in full football uniform (it's like my porn fantasy comes true! No thank YOU Tina Fey!).

Cheyenne's having a great day isn't he? He's great in Finian's Rainbow (I'll have my review out soon) and the reviews from last night have been pretty great. And he's moonlighting (or is it daylighting in this case) on 30 Rock in what is apparently a re-occuring role. YAY! His double duty makes me forgive him for forgetting a line in Finian's Rainbow last Saturday. Plus he covered really well (there was a pause, then he looked into co-star Kate Baldwin's eyes and said "Your skin is so beautiful that it's made me forget what I was going to say", then asked for his next line. It was smooth!)

And now he gets to reunite with his Damn Yankees co-star Jane Krakowski on 30 Rock starting on the November 12th episode!

Okay, so while this season hasn't been its best season, even mediocre 30 Rock is still better than most shows.

30 Rock - Season 4, Into the Crevasses, Stone Mountain - Eps. 401-403

So because I know Cheyenne Jackson must be the new actor Liz will eventually hire to fulfill Jack's wishes for a "REAL AMERICAN" to join the show, I've been kinda loving this new shakeup on the show and the reactions Jenna and Tracy have had. It doesn't always work, and isn't quite as sharp as previous seasons, but it's still a lot of fun.

What worked better was the twisted satire on labour unions when Kenneth goes on strike much to Jack's ire, but possibly the most disturbing thing (other than Kenneth's union leader being easily satisfied and bought off) was him in drag playing Meemah (?) when Jack and Liz go to Stone Mountain to find a "regular" American to join the cast. Anyways, after some disturbingly funny images of Jack ripping off a dummy's head off, I'm ready for Cheyenne to join the cast.

I would say it would give Jenna a good counterpart but I'm kinda loving her with Tracy and her and the gays, so it would just be more awesomeness!

Here's some more promo photos from Cheyenne Jackson's first appearance on 30 Rock:
Plus, Padma Lakshmi (Top Chef) guests on the same episode.

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xheyxlizx said...

I was there on Saturday when he forgot a line!

I was in a left box and could see his face fall when he forgot the line. It made my heart ache.

Wonderful pictures! Thanks! :)

Vance said...

Ha! I was in the right box! We were just across from each other! I knew something was up because I saw Kate Baldwin's face (which was turned mostly to the back of the stage) started to crinkle with a tiny laugh.

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