Tuesday, March 14, 2006

[24] The Following Takes Place Between 7:00PM and 8:00PM

Why oh why do they not escape thru those conveniently uncontaminated corridors behind the false walls in CTU?!

Lynn takes one for the team, but considering this is all his fault, it only seems appropriate. Unfortunately, he takes an innocent red guard down with him. But I want to commend the hobbit on being able to hold his breath for as long as he did! I tried to hold me breath along with him but gave up much quicker.

Please oh please tell me that's the last we see of Kim. I see her point, but that doesn't make her any less of a cold-hearted bitch! I loved the interaction between Kim and Chloe though. Even in shock, Chloe could put that little ingrate in her place! And how useless was the ponyboy character? I did like the scene where Jack starts choking him and Chloe's all, okay, stop it, I'll get back to work. I know I always say it's all about ME, but this show is ALL about Chloe!

Pres. Wienie does nothing to improve my opinion of him. The man is on the verge of a nervous breakdown! "I can't take much more of this." He doesn't care if the Veep is trying to horn in on his job. I think he'd actually appreciate it if the Veep just took over the whole operation. Novick is starting to lose his control over the President and not liking it one bit. He had to pick which was the lesser of two evils and has joined forces with the First Crazy.

Bierko's all set-up and ready to kill off the population of Los Angeles, which upon further introspection may not be a bad thing, but his whole plan now rests in the hands of a Russian prostitute??

Homeland Security is coming in and planning to take over CTU. I predict (safely) sparks are going to fly!

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