Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Amazing Race – It’s Not Over Until Phil Sings

Did anybody notice the PHIL sign lighted up as soon as the Hippes said “It’s Not Over Until Phil Sings” while they were driving out of Moscow?
Teams continue from Moscow onto Frankfurt, go to Mercedes Benz, drive the WICKED Test Track, go search for the Travelocity Roaming Gnome (Is Travelocity doing a blitz? They just had that last week in our city too, where if you found the gnome in the city, you won a trip on the spot), then either go smash bottles on heads or dance some German jig all while dressed in lederhosen.
So, Team Abs is making me laugh at least this week. I’m not won over yet, but the bottle smashing was funny, and I’m glad that while they got an earlier flight from Moscow to Frankfurt, they sort of got bottlenecked at Mercedes Benz (although usually I hate that bottlenecking stuff).
I think we found out way too much when one of the Hippies had to change into the lederhosen, but needed another room since he wasn’t wearing any underwear. EW.
Old Couple Fran and Barry are officially the WORST Detour picker EVER… as they chose to dance the jig but seemed to have a bit of a problem following the physical and choreographed routine. In the end, Salsa team Wanda and Desiree, the mother daughter team, were last after pairing up with Double D’s and getting lost, only to battle each other in the final run toward the pit stop in Munich.

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