Thursday, March 02, 2006

American Idol – Boys Night

Well, Mandisa and Chris Daughtry bookended this weeks (and did you notice the order was just the reverse from last week?) performances and pretty much crushed the little kiddies in the middle. Are both of these too seasoned for this show to last? Will the 12-14 year old girls actually vote for these two elderly singers of the bunch (can you imagine what the house must be like? I’m SURE these two are like the parentals on all those 16 years olds running around)? I’m not sure how much of Mandisa or Chris can be a Pop Idol (as the origins of this show intended) but man do I enjoy watching these two who can actually SING and PERFORM.

However, I have to say, the one I love now, is Elliott and his funny looking face. Face it, he’s kinda goofy looking and more suited along with Chris and Bucky to appear on My Name is Earl (tonight, Earl gets arrested AND wrestles Randy on top of the water tower, Classic!) but boy, that SWEET SWEET Velvety voice. He seems to be learning the ropes and calming his nerves down, so hopefully he lasts cause I think he will just get better and better.

Gedeon meanwhile, is still singing great but I realized what’s bothering me about him. Shave off that damn mustache. You are 17. You look 35. And it just accentuates that big ass smile you have (in an annoying way). Shave it, be the kid you are and let us enjoy your voice and not get distracted by the accentuated funny faces you pull while you sing that Simon so called out.

I know it’s mainly cause he’s lil’John Mayer but I still love Will Makar, because finally Paula said something comprehensible and correct, he DOES have a really nice tone with his voice, but watching the little clip before his performance, and his reaction to Simon’s joke when Ryan was pulling Will’s shirt out, after the performance, man… he’s still such a KID. (But hey, if you all can like Team Abs, I can like Will). Still, I think he’s probably better suited to be in something like a High School Musical.

Bucky doesn’t pull off the Kellie Pickler I’m a naïve-poor Southern hick as well, but I must say that I really enjoyed his “Thunder Rolls”, though maybe it’s because I’m a closet Garth Brooks fan.

Ace almost had me with the beanie and then completely destroyed it with his rendition of the great new cheese classic “If you’re Not the One”. Oh Where art thou Daniel Beddinfield?

As for the rest? Did anybody note when “Sway” was on, that “Sway” and “Vote” were on top to read Sway Vote? I must have been really tired because I actually laughed at that, unless I was just laughing at the performance, I’m not sure anymore.
I can’t believe they actually showed a picture of “Chicken Little” with Chicken Little. Man, American Idol producers are getting to be like Jeff Probst and just calling things out as we’ve all seen them now, now that they are into season 5. They don’t care about being the perfectly mannered show. This is great!

And David Radford. Oh poor David Radford, the new pick for America’s Worst Idol. He’s not THAT bad but yes, he will be once they get into themes.

And last of all? Taylor… not really sure since I’ve completely forgotten his performance already but I will assume it was like all the other ones he’s done? He’s quickly losing my interest. Sorry dude but the novelty is wearing off fast.

So? Who will go? My guess is between Bucky, Sway and David, but I think enough people will think David is cute enough to stay on. Or we like to see a train wreck in the making.

So who do I want to be in the top 12 at this point? Chris, Elliot, Gedeon, Will, Bucky and David for the boys and Mandisa, Ayla, Kellie, Melissa, Kinnik and Lisa. Yes, that means I'm leaving out Katharine, Ace and Paris. Won't happen but what do you think?

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